This is the first film I edited as a member of Bad Rum Productions. It showcases Loz Morgan's fire breaking skills, and is shot in slow-motion on a Sony FS700.

I wanted there to be a progression in both the fire breathing and also the editing; it begins small with Loz initiating the process, lighting the torches, and finished with him extinguishing them. The shots in between were chosen loosely on the size of the fire, with each successive shot getting more and more visually impressive.

I also wanted to hide cuts as much as possible, giving the impression that each shot blends into the next. While not possible throughout the whole film, I am nonetheless very fond of the effect. I was only able to do so thanks to the quality of the footage; it was so well exposed that very little masking was required to hide the transitions.

Loz Morgan

Director - Loz Morgan
Cinematographers - Jacob Elder & Mike Rae
Sound Recordist - Samuel Clark
Editor - Alex England

Composer - Kevin Sherwood