This is the first project that I attempted using After Effects. Prior to starting, I spent a few hours teaching myself the very basics of how to use the software, specifically rotoscoping and compositing. I spent the next six weeks working 18 hours+ per day almost exclusively on this, and it my proudest piece of work to date.

I have experimented with the concept of machinima (using video games to create films) before, and I wanted to take up the challenge to create a film that blended live action and gameplay elements. I had always wanted to attempt visual effects in a film before, but the opportunity had never arisen.

The completion of this film has led to my being asked to work as VFX compositor on several films for colleagues, and the knowledge I gained gives me a great deal more flexibility when I am editing. I am currently in post production for a far more ambitious sequel, featuring many more advanced techniques.

Rupert Hicks

Director & Editor - Alex England
Camera Operator - Mike Rae
Steadicam Operator - Matt Perkins

MUSIC from
Halo 4 Original Soundtrack &
Halo 4 Original Soundtrack Remixes
Composer - Neil Davidge