This project went from conception to completion in six weeks. It is an experimental film, designed to be viewed in reverse. It follows two separate stories, where the protagonist of each has lost a significant person in their lives, and shows how their lives collide.

Originally we were planning on making a heist film, however due to planning issues, we were unable reach the production stage. Due to university deadlines, we had limited time to shoot and edit a film, and settled on this.

The original treatment, and indeed what we shot, called for a 10 minute film that delved deeply into the characters backstories. While editing it, I made the decision to vastly alter the story, shortening it and focusing mainly on the core story, with the backstory alluded to in flashback. I feel this was the right choice, and attempted to explain some potentially unclear story points using visual effects techniques as I felt they were somewhat lost.

Jim Glaister
Miles Reid
Sadie Billing

Director - Dominic Skelcey
Producer - Rupert Hicks
Director of Photography & Steadicam - Matt Perkins
Camera Operator - Mike Rae
Editor - Alex England
Production Designer - Michael Dunbar

Perfect Day
Writer & Performer - Lou Reid