War & Peace

During 2015, I worked on the extensive Electronic Press Kit for the BBC's adaptation of War & Peace. As a part of the 8.5 hour timeline, which I single-handedly edited, I produced 26 behind the scenes featurettes and social media shorts on a variety of topics. These rang from an in-depth look at one of the brutal battle sequences, to an analysis of the various relationships of one of the lead characters, and a look at the various dances in the show. These can all be viewed below.


A selection of these longer featurettes were included in various home video releases of the series.

Social Media Shorts

These social media pieces were used to promote the series internationally, and some were included on the DVD release.


Here's The Vaccines' Justine Young talking about being a Manchester United fan and their weekend of success.See details of their upcoming UK tour here: http://www.gigwise.com/news/99648/the-vaccines-uk-tour-set-for-november-buy-tickets-here

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Tickets for The Vaccines UK tour are on sale at 9am today. Hear them discuss their live show here, and head here for tickets: http://www.gigwise.com/artist/60858/The-Vaccines

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Paul Weller has taken over Gigwise. Watch the Modfather's analysis on Saturn's Pattern, modern music, style, fashion, Noel Gallagher and much more

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Crawl Space

This is a short horror produced for Bad Rum Productions. During it's editing, I was able to test my abilities with two effects I had never attempted before: compositing a creature on the ceiling, and removal of tracking dots.

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Humankind is a short sci-fi produced by Shoreditch Pictures. It is one of the most ambitious projects I have been fortunate enough to work on, both in terms of the production and the visual effects. This film contains some of my most refined VFX work to date.

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F12 is a short psychological thriller produced by Shoreditch Pictures. It was made in 60 hours for Colchester Film Festival. We were provided with the title 'F12', line of dialogue 'I saw something like that once but it was a long time ago' and action 'emerges from under the bed'.

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Nozstock 2014

I acted as editor for Bad Rum Production's coverage of Nozstock 2014, an independent arts and music festival which takes place every year on The Rowden Padocks Farm in Bromyard, Herefordshire.

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The first film I edited for Bad Rum Productions. A video showcasing Loz Morgan's fire breathing skills, shot in slow-motion on the Sony FS700.

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One Boy's Dream: Aerodynamics Test

This sequence was removed from the final cut of One Boy's Dream, however we were all so fond of it that we released it as a standalone video. It is a test of the aerodynamics of the CB500, following the modifications Matt Perkins made to it during the events of the documentary. Shot on an iPhone 5S.

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One Boy's Dream

One Boy's Dream follows the story of amateur motorcycle enthusiast Matt Perkins as he modifies his standard CB500 commuter motorcycle into a competitive machine for the track. His journey takes him to three of Britain's biggest circuits: Castle Combe, Brands Hatch and Silverstone.

One Boy's Dream social media accounts can be accessed by clicking the links below.


In Episode 1, Matt tests his bike to see what can be improved, and takes it on his first track day


In Episode 2, Matt recovers from the problems he encountered which threatened his chances to make it to Brands Hatch


An aerodynamics test that was cut from the final version of One Boy's Dream, which we released as a stand-alone video

An aerodynamics test that was cut from the final version of One Boy's Dream, which we released as a stand-alone video

The initial pilot for One Boy's Dream, featuring an alternative cut of one of the track days

The initial pilot for One Boy's Dream, featuring an alternative cut of one of the track days

Director & Producer - Matt Perkins
Director of Photography - Mike Rae
Editor - Alex England
Narrator - Jim Glaister

James Brennan
Jonathan Caicedo-Galindo
Jacob Elder
Ryan Hall
Rupert Hicks
Sebastian Olmos
Dominic Skelcey
Seán Ward


This project went from conception to completion in six weeks. It is an experimental film, designed to be viewed in reverse. It follows two separate stories, where the protagonist of each has lost a significant person in their lives, and shows how their lives collide.

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