I am a member of Bad Rum Productions, and act primarily as an editor and visual effects compositor. I also manage the website and provide technical support.

I have worked on a number of videos since joining them in 2014, and am currently working on a VFX-intensive short, my first directorial piece for the company

I own software capable of recovering formatted SD cards, and have had success in recovering a range of media including both photo and video files. Please feel free to visit my Contact Page, fill out the form with the details and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Please provide as much information as possible - card manufacturer, capacity, type of media lost and how it was lost.

I previously ran a gaming YouTube channel with some friends. We produced content ranging from achievement solutions, full game walkthroughs and let's plays.

I acted as the sole editor for the channel, and was the lead of four hosts. While I was actively producing content for the channel, we made 250 videos and amassed over 165,000 views.