So everything for Digital Distribution is finished! You can check out all of the videos via the link on my homepage. Only the last three are part of the assessment; the first two are camera tests we did before I decided on what I was going to do for the module, and the third is one that I filmed as a part of the series, but it wasn't really good enough for submission, and I was way over the limit. 

University work now is focused on our drama. We're filming over the Easter holidays between the 19th and 21st. Since I'm editor for that, I'm not actually a part of the shoot, but I'll be spending the subsequent couple of weeks getting an edit together. In that time we've also got to film a short piece concentrating on cinematography. We tried filming that this past weekend, but got sidetracked with a barbecue.  At least now we've got a basic idea, and I'm going to try to come up with a script based on that.

As you may or may not know, I'm a huge fan of the web series Red vs. Blue. Amazon were recently running a deal where the Blu-ray was going for $60, or  £40, about a third of the standard price. Of course, I bought it (and a Blu-ray player). While all the episode are online, what is infinitely more valuable to me is the bonus features (of which there are about 8 hours), and the 20-or-so hours of audio commentary. I'm currently on Season 10 of the series and have yet to start the bonus content.

In other news, I've also finally got time to get going on my gaming. It's been on hold for a while since I've been so busy with work, and the last couple of days I've been working on a load of DLC that I've got downloaded but haven't got around to playing. I'm also going to get on with Skyrim again, so that means continuing my blog. Head over there to check out Salria's progress!