Final Editing

A lot of editing has been going on. All of the videos for my Digital Distribution projects are either in the last stages of being editing, or are finished. I've got a couple up on the site, so head along to the Matt Can't page under Videos to take a look! 

There's a trailer that was made fairly simply using an iMovie trailer template, and is a selection of clips from the videos for the module, a few from previous videos and one or two from unrelated projects, which just serve as extra video content for it. I've also got the first video in the series, Matt Can't Get His Leg Waxed uploaded. 

I'm probably not going to submit it as part of the assessment, since it's probably the weakest video in the series in terms of visuals and editing (the latter of which is what I'm trying to show off). I'm also way over the suggested time for videos, so need to cut down on time anyway.

The other videos are going to be released over the next couple of weeks. They'll all be uploaded by 3.30 on Thursday, since that's when the assessment's due. Hopefully it'll all be up on Wednesday night, since I don't really want to be rushing about submitting stuff on Thursday. 

In other news, we've still got a boat for the Drama Direction Module, but actors have been an interesting one. Since there's only two weeks until the end of term, we've done a script rewrite, and have two of the group members acting in it (opposite an actual actor). Fortunately, I've got the whole of easter to edit it, but some of us are working so won't have a chance to film. That'll be uploaded to the site when it's been submitted.