I've had a busy few weeks. Our main drama film has been taking a lot of my attention lately: recces, casting, general logistics. We've got a boat, which was the major problem in my eyes; now we've got to get a hold of some actors. Despite having a casting call, we had five (six if you count a dubious Skype audition) for one role, with another two to fill. One could at a push fill on of those two, but we're still left lacking an actor.

For my Digital Distribution module, I've got everything filmed (as I believe I said in a previous blog), it's just a case of editing it. Since I've been so busy with the drama, I haven't had a huge amount of time to work on this, but so far I've got a trailer and one of the videos edited down. What I'm trying to do is show off a different editing style for each video, while also making them as funny as I can.

Oh, and it was my birthday a week ago. Didn't do much, just had some drinks with friends. Got a couple of DVDs and games, the former of which I've watched, but haven't had a chance to play the games yet. I'm accumulating quite a backlog at the moment: Hitman HD Trilogy, Batman: Arkham City, LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7, I haven't started yet, and Skyrim which I've barely been playing. I will get around to updating my Skyrim blog, but it's on hold for now while uni work takes precedence.