I haven't posted a blog in a couple of weeks, so I've got quite a lot to talk about. Probably going to try and get into the habit of posting more often, but shorter blogs. Basically, I've been working on ideas for two films lately, one drama and one documentary.

The drama is our main project for this semester. The group I'm in is great; we all have our own strengths, so are an excellent crew. However, ideas is another matter. We've got a lot, and all have different tastes:

    1. A spy attempting to rescue a woman who thinks he loves her. The woman begins viewing her life again, realising through a series of flashbacks that she means nothing to him.
    2. Two sailors go out for a quiet weekend on a boat and pull a person out of the water, realise that he is more trouble than he's worth and have to try to get rid of him.
    3. Just before she is killed, a woman experiences a series of flashbacks to key events in her life, prompting her to realise how connecting these events explains why she is about to be killed.
    4. A group of people encounter a region that causes them to slowly start losing all their memories.
    5. A composer attempts to establish a relationship with a ghost and (obviously) encounters problems with this.

    My favourites are the first three. #1 is by far my favourite overall, since it features action scenes and is exactly the sort of film I have always wanted to make. #3 follows closely behind, since it's a development of the first idea, and I can see a fairly easy way on integrating the two ideas together. My only real problem with #2 was how easy it would be to get a boat (kinda important). Our lecturer seems to think it'll be fairly easy, so I've opened up to that idea a lot more since it was originally pitched. Hopefully, we'll decide on the final idea in the next week.

    For the individual documentary we have to make this term, I have two ideas:

    1. A series of short documentaries about historic buildings in Winchester, presented by one of my friends who is studying history.
    2. A parody of traditional documentaries, where instead of showing off his skills in an area, the subject is terrible at it. Kinda like this video I made yesterday.


    Overall, I prefer #2. I think it'll be incredibly fun to make and watch, and it would allow me to work on some interesting editing techniques, an area I'm interested in pursuing. It could also be expanded to be a series of shorter documentaries someone failing to do a series of tasks. #1 is not something I'm particularly interested in, so probably won't be very engaging.

    Anyway, sorry for the marathon blog post. If you have any suggestions or feedback, I'd greatly appreciate it.