Other Challenges

If you read my last blog post, you will have noticed that I forced (ahem, asked) one of the guys on my course to do the cinnamon challenge. This was a part of a module about digital distribution, and was one of four videos I'm making for it. 

Over the weekend, I filmed that and three others. They were waxing, the saltine challenge and the centurion challenge.

Basically, I had four cameras filming the action, so that I could get multiple viewpoints. Two were GoPros, one attached to Matt's head and the other on his chest. I was also recording with two JVC GY HM-600Es, so that I can do some picture-in-picture and cutaways if I need to.

I don't want to give too much away; you'll have to wait for the videos to see whether or not Matt was able to complete these challenges, but it was incredibly funny to film. I also had to work on a presentation for this same module, and had to basically pitch the idea. It wasn't particularly easy, pitching what are basically a series of jokey videos on an academic course, but I hope that I pulled it off.

After that and an essay last week, I haven't got a huge amount of work to do until the end of term, when these films, the paperwork associated with them and another essay have to be done. We're in week 7 now (of a 12 week term), so I think I'm fairly well on track.