Cinnamon Challenge

First off, no, I didn't do the cinnamon challenge. If you've taken a look at my videos, you may have seen a couple titled "Matt Can't" do something. The eponymous Matt did it, in a new video titled "Matt Can't Do The Cinnamon Challenge". Incredibly original title, I know.

There was a bit of set up involved. First, I did a bit of research into the science behind the cinnamon challenge. Basically, cinnamon is made up of the bark of the cinnamon tree, which in turn is made up of cellulose. Which is waterproof. And resistant to the enzymes that we produce to help with digestion. 

Basically, when you put the cinnamon in your mouth, it waterproofs your mouth. This means your mouth fills with saliva, and forces your central nervous system to react because as far as it's concerned, you can't breath properly.  The saliva in your mouth essentially gives the impression that you're drowning.

So you start breathing in gulps of air. Of course, all this does is force this waterproofed cinnamon down your trachea and into your lungs. Obviously, having a ton of dust suddenly enter your lungs is a bad thing. Again, this is not a normal thing to do, so your nervous system tells your body to do the opposite: send the cinnamon the other way, out of the mouth. This means you start coughing and get a hilarious stream of cinnamon leaving your mouth.

One thing I did (which was a little harsh, not going to lie), was force Matt to eat a plate of crackers. This was a subtle ploy (disguised as another GoPro video) to dry his mouth out so that immediately after, he would be producing more saliva than usual to compensate. And it worked. I'm currently in the process of editing this video, so check back in a few days to see it. In the meantime, please revel in the glory of this image. 


Cinnamon Challenge.png

I have a couple more videos that I'm working on this weekend for this project, so expect to see more about them in the future.