This last week a lot of decisions have been made. For the documentary, I've managed to convince my lecturer to let me do the second idea from last week: a parody of traditional documentaries, where instead of showing off his skills in an area, the subject is terrible at it.

It's developed somewhat from that idea, to be more focused around GoPro cameras, parodying their traditional promotional videos, where the subject is terrible at it. Basic ideas I've got so far are a redevelopment of the video I made last week, with Matt attempting to parkour in a more interesting location that the university car park, and the cinnamon challenge, where someone attempts to eat a tablespoonful on cinnamon. Put it this way - they usually fail. I've got to present it in about a week, and I've got a few ideas, specifically about it's suitability on the internet.

The drama has gone through some more development too. We've settled on our final idea for that too: the second one, two sailors in a boat who rescue a guy out of the water and he ends up being more trouble than he's worth. While the other ideas potentially had legs, we didn't all get them, so decided to go for this one, which we all liked to some degree.

It's going through some more detailed development at the moment, but the main problem is getting hold of a boat. Half the group are working on that. Personally, I'm taking a look at the script and working for a few aspects of it. A card game is fairly prominent in it, and I'm working out which cards are drawn. Next stage is sourcing actors for it. Personally, I think the boat is more important since we're kind of stuck if we can't get one. But we do have a couple of backups, but they're not perfect.

For another module, Cinematography, we've got to film a short noir sequence for next week. It's not an assessment, more just an interesting exercise to see what we can do with the cameras before being given the main assignment.

Finally, for my theory module, Music and Film, I've got a 1500 word essay on, oddly, a sequence of music in a film. Got a tutorial on it tomorrow (or today I guess, judging by the time now I'm writing this blog). I'm probably going to write about the hotel scene in Inception since it was the first time that I really started noticing the use of music in film. I have some potential others that I would have liked to write about, but they're technically from a web-series, not a film, so I worry about its relevance.