Apple Pro Training

Today has been a good day. I had a lecture this morning that actually explained what we have to do on the module, so we pretty much know how the rest of this term is going to pan out in terms of assessments. Lots of films. Lots and lots of films. Something along the lines of: one drama, one documentary, one short sequence and some casting calls. It's definitely going to be a hell of a lot of work, but at least it's not a load of essays (speaking of which, we have two essays on music and film to do as well).

Anyway, onto the title of this blog. I took an Apple Pro course in Final Cut Pro X the week before term started. Due to some slight confusion with the tutor not logging on to get the exam codes until the day it started, today was the earliest that we could take the exam. To cut a long story short, I passed. With 95%. Which I'm pretty happy with to be honest (not that the mark matters, it's just nice to say I got 95%). It's a massive advantage that I've been using FCPX for the last three months, so I already knew a lot about the interface before taking the course. Hopefully this'll be really useful for me in the future, especially since editing is a field that I'm interested in pursuing in the future.

Had a quiet one for the rest of the day. Very long game of pool with my mates (we're terrible at it, but at least we get our 60p worth). I lost on the 8-ball. I made an attempt on Hitman Absolution on a Professional difficulty, but failed miserably. Took me about two an a half hours to get through one mission fairly early on in the game. I was trying to get through without losing my suit (it's a bonus challenge), but is apparently virtually impossible unless it's on Normal. That or I'm just terrible. Probably the latter.

Got a day off tomorrow, so I probably won't post a blog unless something interesting happens. Which it inevitably won't. I've got a lot of different things I'm trying to work on at the moment, but I think most pressing is an action scene for our drama film this semester. I've got a basic outline worked out, it's just a case of fleshing it out in a bit more detail.