My First Blog

So here's my first blog. I'm currently in the process of building this website, so there isn't too much content up at the moment. I am however hoping to expand on what I've got so far with some more videos, as well as a podcast with my housemate, and a series of gaming videos with one of my friends from school. Anyway, for now, I'm just working on getting what content I have at the moment uploaded onto the site, and trying to get a consistent layout worked out.

I don't have a huge amount of content to upload at the moment, but that will increase over the next few months, particularly since we have several assessments this semester that require us to make a film. I'll obviously put those up when they're finished, but I'm also thinking of doing re-edits of the films I've already made. That probably won't happen until the summer though, when I have a lot more time.

I'll hopefully also see a growth of the gaming section. I've got plans to write a walkthrough for a website, TrueAchievements, specifically the game Hitman: Blood Money. This will involve making a series of videos showing how to get the Silent Assassin ranking on each mission, with an accompanying commentary.

I also have plans to release a podcast on here. As I mentioned earlier, my housemate and I are starting up a podcast, having done a few practices last semester. Since creating this website, hopefully this'll give us an incentive to get started with the podcast, especially since we've got more time at this early stage in the semester.