Finally Complete

As the three people (and I mean that literally) who have checked my Skyrim blog in the last month will have no doubt noticed, I have't updated in about three months. Now, there are a few reasons for this, so I thought I'd write a post updating the minute number of people who are interested.

Basically, I had too much work to do, and didn't have time to maintain the blog. As a rough guide, it takes about an hour to play enough for a blog post, about one and a half to watch it back and write it up, then about another half an hour to gather the screenshots, scale them and upload them to my website. That's three hours for every post, or about 9 hours per week. It doesn't sound like a huge amount, but at the time I was just about to start a very intensive few weeks of editing, and I couldn't afford to be gaming.

Another factor was the viewership. Made obvious by the opening sentence to this blog, I get very few viewers. While part of the reason I'm writing this is simply because I want somewhere to present my thoughts, and the internet seemed like the best place to do this, I just didn't enjoy writing the blog enough to keep it up. 

I do however have another twenty hours-or-so recorded of my playthough (obviously I stopped capturing when I decided to stop writing). If interest suddenly explodes, something I seriously doubt, then I'll definitely go back to those and continue writing up until I have captured. In the mean time, I'm gonna post a few of my stats, since some of them are fairly interesting.


Saves - 1,626
Hours Played - 178:53:37
 Level - 78
Times Levelled Pickpocket Fully - 6
Times Levelled Archery Fully - 2


Days Passed - 436
Hours Waiting - 2,810
Gold Found - 1,112,370
Most Gold Carried - 428,726
Skill Increases - 1641
Training Sessions - 240
Barters - 5,727


Quests Completed - 128
Misc Objectives Completed - 108


People Killed - 1236
Favourite Weapon - Dragonbone Bow
Critical Strikes - 1470
Sneak Attacks - 850


Favourite Spell - Vampiric Drain
Dragon Souls Collected - 51
 Words of Power Unlocked - 59
Favourite Shout - Dragonrend


Weapons Made - 262
Armor Improved - 1
Potions Mixed - 455
Potions Used - 42
Poisons Mixed - 281
Poisons Used - 13


Total Lifetime Bounty - 11,002
Items Pickpocketed - 239,628