The Return of Salria!!

As you may have noticed, I haven't been up to a huge amount in Skyrim lately. I haven't had a huge amount of time for gaming generally due to the amount of work I've got going on, so haven't been updating this blog. The Easter holidays have just started, so I'll hopefully have a lot more time (aside from a couple of weeks where I've got some editing to do). This means that I'll actually be able to play the game, and I've got more than enough time to write this blog.

Anyway, picking up where I last left off. Salria has just defeated the dragon. She heads down the stairs of the tower and approaches the dragon's body. Of course, the first thing anyone does when faced with a giant fire-breathing dragon's corpse is loot them for several arrows, bones, scales and gold. The dragon's body then ignites and a strange light is channeled through Salria.

Absorbing Energy.png

All that remains are the bones and the convenient on-screen text tells me that I've absorbed a dragon soul, and I've learned a word of power. A random guy tells me that I'm Dragonborn, and then goes on to explain what that is. He tells Salria to shout, and everyone gets very excited when she sends a shockwave through the air. After a short discussion, I fast travel to Whiterun to meet the Jarl.

A couple of Redguards are talking with the Whiterun guards, who are apparently refusing them entry. Racism is clearly rife here. While they're talking, an immense earthquake occurs, and no-one seems to notice it apart from me. The Redguards ask for my help in finding a woman, which I might come back to later. Now, to Dragonreach!

I walk up the the Jarl, who asks what happened. I explains that the watchtower was destroyed, but the Jarl thinks something more happened. So I tell him about the whole energy thing that Salria absorbed. Turns out that some guys called the Greybeards had summoned me, which explains that massive earthquake that no-one cared about. Still would have thought that people would have reacted to it in some way.

After an argument between Hrongar and Avenicci which again, seems to be about racism, the Jarl tells me to walk up 7000 steps to meet the Greybeards, gives Salria a massive axe and the title ofThane of Whiterun, as well as giving me a Housecarl. Time to head off I think. But not before shouting at the table.

Flying crockery.png

This causes much confusion and a guard runs over to tell Salria off.  On the way out, I meet Lydia. She doesn't seem at all concerned that Salria has absolutely no idea what a Thane is. I consider having her follow me, but then realised how irritating that became in Oblivion after about 20 seconds, so I decide to ignore her.

The first and most important thing that I do upon leaving Dragonsreach is travel to Riverwood, and instantly sell the massive axe the Jarl gave to me, before setting out on my journey to the Greybeards. On the way out of town, I have the excellent idea to shout at a guard. He takes this very badly, and the entire town comes out to fight Salria. And kill her. A reload is in order, I think. ..