Swindler's Cave

As Salria approaches Swindler's Cave, a single bandit runs out. He is stopped by two arrows before he's made it three feet.  There's a convenient steel helmet lying outside the entrance that offers a lot more damage protection, I swap out my iron helmet for that.

Inside the cave, another two bandits are talking. One of them sounds like the British Siri. Anyway, after about six arrows I finally hit one of them for a 2x sneak attack. The other takes a couple more before falling. First things first, steal all their food. A nice bit of bread, butter and ale goes down very well. The next room houses another couple of bandits. The third room contains three enemies, relatively easy to take care of. They are then joined by another bandit, wielding lightning. This doesn't do wonders for my health, especially since the other two are stronger bandit outlaws wielding arrows. Still, nothing dual healing hands can't deal with.

Continuing on, I eventually come to the final room in this cave. It turns out this Kematu guys was just a waterfall. 


Kematu waterfall.png

It also turns out he's got half a dozen (presumably) highly trained guards, all wielding sabers. It also seems that she has been lying to me, and is on the run for treason. Seems perfectly fair. And I don't particularly want Salria to die. So as it's a fairly simple case of lying to Saadia until she's in the hands of Kematu. So no-one has to die. Before leaving, I take a look in his chest. Nice little bit of gold, and a couple of weapons. Salria will make a nice profit on those later.

Fast travel back to Whiterun, where the first order of business is to lie to Saadia. She's hiding up in her bedroom again. Damn it. She deserves whatever it is she's going to get. She is somewhat upset at having to move. But I don't care. Kematu is at the horse stables, and Saadia is slightly upset that Salria lied to her. He freezes her with a spell, and Salria goes on her merry way, 500 gold coins richer.

My next quest is to meet that old woman I met a while ago in private. She'd better not send me on some long and arduous quest that takes Salria to some far off corner of Skyrim with relatively little reward realistically attainable at this stage of the game. 

Once meeting with her (and her slightly violent son), I have to get some evidence that he's alive. Seems simple enough. All I've got to do is break into their house and find something. 

I wait until night before breaking in. They left the back door unlocked, all their lights on and, to top it off, no-one was even in the house. At least that makes Salria's job a lot easier.  There's a rather handy objective marker indicating a locked room. No idea why, but I have a feeling that there may be something useful in there. Picking the lock also increases my skill rating, and giving Salria another level. Now, to examine this book...

Damn book.png

Damn it. I knew that was coming.