Side Quests

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I have now reached High Hrothgar. Around two months ago, I went over a number of problems with Salria, namely that she is terrible. To recap, I headed to Riverwood and get into a small (that's a lie, it was actually massive) fight with a couple of Cultists, which Salria only left alive thanks to a couple of Whiterun guards.

I've since revisited that event, continuing on just after the conclusion of my last blog post by fast travelling to Riverwood. Something seems to have happened whereby either I've got much better at Skyrim, or it's suddenly got a lot easier, because I got rid of those Cultists (one of whom was carrying a note with orders to kill Salria before she reaches Solstheim) with absolutely no problems this time round. That said, I'm still going to work on levelling, since Salria is still just a measly level 5. My goal is to get every skill up to at least 30, which should put me somewhere around level 18, and hopefully in a good situation to continue the story. I'm also going to be working on the various side quests I've managed to pick up, which should help with levelling.

Anyway, first quest available to me is "The Golden Claw". I've completed most of this, and only have to return the Claw from Bleak Falls Barrow to Lucan, the owner of the Riverwood Trader. I believe I originally ignored the argument he was having with his sister over it several blogs ago. After a slightly forced conversation, he rewards me with 400 gold and places the Claw on the counter in front of him. You know, in full view of any thieves who come to ransack the place again.

Easy to steal claw.png

Continuing down my list of quests, I see an entry for finding a Redguard woman. Without further ado, I load up the Elder Scrolls Wiki, which tells me that she can be found in The Bannered Mare in Whiterun. Before heading there, I sell all my unwanted stuff to Alvor.

I find this Redguard woman, Saadia, cooking, so approach and ask what's on the menu. Sorry, I meant tell her that some Alik'r are looking for her. She wants to talk in private, so I follow her up to her bedroom. She draws her sword and threatens to kill Salria. Obviously trying to avoid a conflict, I tell her to calm down. She then tells me her entire life story and instantly trusts this person she met literally seconds ago. There's some guy I've got to break out of prison for some reason.

On the way out, some Battle-Borns are arguing with an old woman about whether or not her son is alive. When they leave, I speak to her and she tells me to meet her someplace private. This really needs to stop happening. People are going to start talking. To Salria. In private. You know, stuff could happen. Like stabbing. With a sword. For now, I'm going to concentrate on breaking this guy out of prison. 

While searching for the entrance to the prison (in the water outside Dragonsreach; don't ask why), a courier gives me a letter from "A. Friend". Don't remember meeting anyone by this name, but they tell me to search for a mysterious source of power in a place called Valthume.  I'll get on with that later. For now, I've still got to find this damn dungeon.

After literally seconds of searching, I find it around the corner. The two guards don't seem to care as Salria walks in and begins talking to one of the prisoners. Terrible security in these places. For a mere 100 gold, I can free the guy and he'll tell me everything. Bit of a rip off really, given that he's stuck in prison with no hope of release. Oh well. The things Salria must do for progression. Securing his release was literally a case of asking the guard. I'd have thought it would have required a bit more convincing to be honest. 

Easy Guard.png

My journey now takes me to a Swindler's Cave, out in the middle of nowhere. But not before noticing that the guards seem to have forgotten my bribe and are leaving the guy locked up. So much corruption these days.

The journey to the cave was fairly uneventful. I ran into a giant, who politely ignored me, as well as a mammoth. Closer to the cave, I found a pack of wolves standing completely still. Three arrows later, they were  dead and Salria was reading the note found on the body of the dead Bouncer. Turns out I maybe shouldn't have killed those wolves. They seemed to be part of some sort of tournament. This one is going to be difficult to explain.

Salria approaches the cave at Swindler's Den and...

Find out in my next blog what happens!