A Dragon

You have no doubt noticed that I haven’t been updating this blog as much as I originally said. Lately, I’ve had an essay to write, filming to do and a presentation to prepare for, so I haven’t had a change to write much for this. I’m probably not going to be able to keep it up, so I’m going to switch to one or two blogs released per week, maybe more if I have time. Oh, and it turns out that you can subscribe to my blog. There’s a “subscribe via e-mail” link at the bottom of each page.

Anyway, onto Skyrim itself.

Having just been told about reports of a dragon, I follow Irileth and Farengar up some stairs at the back of the Dragonreach, where the Jarl is waiting. After a conversation with a Whiterun guard, we establish that it was seen from the western watchtower. According to the Jarl, the fact that I survived Helgen means I have more experience with dragons than anyone else. Not sure that running away from one whilst watching several other people burn and die counts as experience.

He also gives me the permission to buy houses in the city. I’d have thought that you should be able to buy a house wherever you are, and not need the authority of a Jarl. Regardless, Skyrim seems to have different ideas on housing than England. He also hands me an Iron Helmet of Destruction, which I of course immediately don.

With that, I’m basically told to bugger off and wait by the watchtower. No concerns for the dragon that’s probably in the area and will likely kill me. As I exit the gates of Whiterun, I find myself slightly confused since my mission marker appears to be back in Whiterun. So I turn around, wait for the city to load, and find Irileth speaking to a group of guards. After a while, they leave. To inevitably be killed.

After a short trek to the western watchtower, I discover it on fire with a large hole in the side. Irileth also notices and deduces that the dragon has been here. She sends us all to go and look for survivors. I head towards the tower and find a single guard who appears to be mildly terrified. I can’t think why.

As if on cue, the dragon shows up. Or at least apparently it does. I spend a good few seconds searching around for it before noticing it flying overhead.



The dragon (apparently called Mirmulir) proceeds to fly around the watchtower a few times until eventually coming into land. At this point I fire literally five arrows into him, and it does literally no damage. The dragon then proceeds to breathe fire on Salria, which of course results in some damage.

After rudely igniting Salria, the dragon flies off again. But not for long. Very soon after, he lands a matter of feed away from me and once again ignites me. At this point, Salria’s health is somewhere around the “very low” mark, so I quickly begin healing her with magic. I have just enough time to fully heal before the dragon lands again. Only problem is that all the Whiterun guards appear to have been killed, so I don’t have anyone to use as flame fodder anymore. A few more arrows later, I find myself on fire once again, and despite increasing my archery skill, this proves too much for Salria, who collapses, still slightly on fire.

Anyway, I reload the checkpoint and go on the hunt for survivors again. Who’d have thought it; there was a Whiterun guard in the watchtower. This time, instead of trying to survive on the ground, I headed up to the top of the watchtower and was greeted by a large dragon flying towards me.

After flying around for a while, the dragons flies up to my level and hovers there for a moment (something I’d have thought something the size and weight of a dragon would struggle to do).


Hovering Dragon.png

I have the chance to fire off a single arrow before being pelted by fire again. Fortunately however, the watchtower proves to be the perfect cover, but this doesn’t stop me losing half my health.

Turns out that camping on the top of the watchtower is not a good way to deal with a dragon. When it does land, it is many, many metres away, so even my most well placed arrows have limited effect. What is hilarious though is the sight of a couple of Whiterun guards running around in terror while the dragon attempts to burn them to a crisp.

I get ignited once again and the dragon flies past, this time landing even further away. Some more tiny Whiterun guards approach him and are no doubt set on fire. Not that I can see from this distance anyway.

After a lot of patience, the dragon eventually settles once again.  Right behind a plume of smoke, so I have absolutely no change of accurately hitting it.

Plume of Smoke.png

Turns out that it’s remarkably easy to hit the dragon. For some reason he refuses to take off again, so I simply stand on the edge of the wall and fire many arrow into his skull as he slowly approaches (burning many guards to death along the way). Eventually, he falls.