The Dragonstone

There’s a weak frenzy potion on a shelf next to the altar. No idea why it would still be here since it’s obvious no-one’s been here for many many years. The chest has some gold and a necklace. There’s also a petty soul gem in a holder. Having played through the entirety of Oblivion, I don’t think I’ve ever actually used one of these.

As I approach the wall, my screen blurs. I instantly take a look at my screen settings, but it turns out that I’ve learnt the word “force”. Incredibly difficult word to learn. It’s clearly powerful, judging by its description, “Word of Power”. At this point it means nothing to Salria (even though I know it’s actually part of Thu’um). Of course, it couldn’t possibly be setting up for a future mission.

As I turn around, an objective arrow appears above the altar, just as I jump towards it. A Draugr Overlord climbs out. I can’t help but feel that my lowly level 4 Salria is by no means suitable to attack anything with the word “overlord” in its name.

Nevertheless, I draw my bow and aim at the Overlord. Maybe 5% damage. And that’s being generous. It also turns out that it can use Thu’um, causing Salria to stagger. Since I’m slightly terrified at this point, I decide the best thing to do is to run. I climb down the plinth that the altar is perched on, and begin working my way back up. This is all in an attempt to get some distance from the Overlord. Turns out that was a complete waste of time. As I get to the top of the plinth, I turn around only to find the overlord waiting for me.

Draugr Overlord Waiting.png

This slightly terrified me, having just taken a look down behind me and seen nothing, and all of a sudden there’s a massive Draugr in my face. He hits me and knocks about a third off my health. Definitely too high a level for Salria. Now I try some potions. Still got some frostbite venom from that massive spider I dealt with earlier, so I poison my bow with that. Always struck me as slightly pointless to poison the bow, not the arrow. Anyway, just as I fire, the overlord unleashes a Thu’um, knocking my aim. The arrow completely misses.

Damn. Definitely running out of options here.

I fire off a few more arrows. By now the overlord is down to about 50% health. Since I’d missed with the first load of frostbite venom, I poison my bow once again. This time the arrow hits, but it turns out that it is resistant to the venom. Once again, the overlord swings at me, knocking my health down to worrying levels. Once again, running away is my only option.

Running Away.png

Once again I begin testing my long-range accuracy. It’s not great, but at least two of my ten arrows hit. The overlord is now worryingly close. Somehow, I manage to get another hit on it, which causes it to stagger. This gives me the opportunity to finally kill the overlord in an awesome cinematic angle.

As I search the corpses corpse, I find my original quest item, the Dragonstone. It seems to be a large stone tablet that weighs an excessive amount for it’s worth (absolutely nothing). He’s also carrying a massive Battle Axe of Cold. It’s worth close to 150 gold coins, so I pick it up. Now my only objective it to deliver the Dragonstone to Farengar. So I have to wander through all those tunnels once again.

But no! Turns out there are some stairs just behind the altar leaving to what appears to be a dead end. This confuses me for a worrying amount of time. Eventually I realise there is a handle in a nearby corner. Turns out I had literally just walks past and ignored it. The screenshot below is from when I had just walked into this cave.


Having got over my utter stupidity, I walk through a short series of caves and approach a light at the end. This leads out, very conveniently, onto the side of a mountain. Rather than trekking across Skyrim, I simply fast travel to Whiterun.

Once there, I walk into Farengar’s office (is that the right term for this room?). He seems surprised that I survived and is talking so some hooded person. I ignore her mostly for now. Irileth, the Jarl's housecarl calls Farengar over. Apparantly a dragon has been spotted. This is getting interesting.