I have discovered a minor problem with Salria. She's terrible. Let me explain.

I started playing again after talking to the Greybeards. My idea was to get a screenshot of Skyrim to use as the header image for this page. So I travelled to Riverwood to buy a decent weapon off Alvor. Upon my arrival, I was immediately attacked by two Cultists, claiming I wasn't the true Dragonborn (something Salria had only just found out. I'd have been crushed if I were her).

Anyway, five deaths later, I realised the problem. Salria isn't really designed to fight. After maybe five arrows I can defeat the Flame Atronach they summon, but it's closer to ten for each of the Cultists. In the end, the only way I could deal with them was to wait for the Whiterun guards to do it for me, with the occasional arrow as support from me.

Salria is going off on a training mission for now. Obviously, I won't be advancing the main story, and I will try not to complete any major side quests (ie. those associated with their own individual quest lines. Or the Dragonborn one that I was forced to start), but I have a feeling that this will be quite difficult. What I will be doing is anything and everything I can to raise my overall level and my skills.  I'll probably do a summary blog when I get to around level 15-20 (I'm level 4 now; you see the problem), detailing what I've done and how my skills have improved. This is the point at which I'll start playing the main quest again.

Fortunately, as you may have noticed, I'm actually much further along in the game than I am in this blog. As I said, I just spoke to the Greybeards in the game, but I'm still in Bleak Falls Barrow in the blog, so I've still got two and a half hours to write about in the meantime (incidentally, the reason I didn't post last night was because I went to the pub).

So yeah. That's the main problem I've been having. Keep checking back, because I will still be uploading over the next week or so, hopefully by which time Salria will be able to deal with more than one enemy on her own. Hey, next time I might even have an RSS feed set up so you can subscribe and everything!