New Beginnings

Everyone knows how Skyrim starts. You’ve been arrested and are on your way to be executed. Here’s my new (and hopefully final) character in Skyrim, Salria.



As we are used to, the executioner executes a Stormcloak soldier, and then Salria approaches the block. And a dragon appears. How convenient. I run away with a nearby Nord, Ralof, into a nearby tower. We run up it, and even after three attempts, I still jump when Alduin (the dragon) bursts through the tower wall. I jump through this convenient hole and land right on top of the flames in the nearby building.

Running through this building, surprisingly not on fire, I comes across Hadvar, an Imperial soldier, getting a kid to run away from the dragon. Because of course, no child has ever died in Skyrim. But when they turn eighteen, no problem at all. Soon after, there are some people shooting fireballs at the dragon, something that seems kind of useless given that it BREATHES fire. Can’t help but think that that must only be helping him in some way.

The dragon swoops around, and it was around here that I realised I had been crouch-walking the whole way. I don’t remember doing it, but at least that explained why Hadvar had got so far ahead. When I caught up to him, I had a decision to make. Continue following Hadvar, or follow Ralof. I went for Hadvar.

Once inside the keep, he finally decided to take Salria’s bindings off, something that I can’t help but feel would have been much more useful when I was running away from the massive fire-breathing dragon. But better late than never I guess. Searching the chests, I find and equip the usual selection of Imperial light armour, iron swords and some gold. Obviously, I take it all, but manage to resist the various bowls and ladles around the room. The wine on the shelf is another matter.



Wielding dual iron swords, I enters the next room and murder the two Stormcloak soldiers. Searching them, I find some useful fur gauntlets, a couple of iron warhammers and a war axe. I also take the nearby broom, just in case.

Continuing on, there are a couple of cabbages in the corridor outside. Of course, I instruct Salria to pick them up and she watch as the ceiling further on collapses. Using the conveniently placed door, we wander through a store, where two more Stormcloaks are. They are quickly dealt with, and their warhammers taken. At Hadvar’s insistence, I search for some potions, and picks up some wine instead. Heading on, with one of many warhammers, I walk along some more corridors to the torture rooms.

Inside, I immediately heads for the Torturer’s Assistant, and using a fully powered attack, clobber him over the head with her warhammer. Oops. Oddly, he survives it and the Torturer and Hadvar kill the two Stormcloaks. While looting the fresh corpses, the Torturer offers Salria all his things. So I take them all. Except the books. They always end up weighing me down.

Picking the lock of a nearby cell, I pick up the few gold coins that a dead Mage has got in his cell for some reason. I always wonder why the Torturer didn’t just reach through the bars and take them.

After following some more corridors, which transition to caves, Salria walks into a large cavern (there’s a distinct difference) containing many more Stormcloaks. She kills three before running towards the archers at the back. Wielding her flame hands, she aims for the conveniently placed oil pool and unleashes fire upon the archers. Unfortunately, the Torturer’s Assistant chose this point to run up to one of them, and was engulfed in flames.

Torturer's Assistant Death by Flames.png

Not wanting to waste anything, I loot everything he is carrying, as well as what the Stormcloak’s had. This proves too much to carry, so I have to get rid of something. Time to get rid of the broom. And one of the six warhammers. For the next cavern, I decided to go for dual maces as my weapon of choice.

After looting a coin purse, I charge into the next room and swing the mace’s at the air in front of Salria, rather than actually hitting any of the spiders. After retreating and adjusting her aim, I swing again and kill them all, picking up the conveniently bottled Frostbite Venom from their corpses.

In the next cave, Hadvar tells me to be nice and quiet around a bear. So I decide to push the nearby card into the river. He gives me a bow, which over-encumbers me again. This time a sword gets dropped. As I approach the bear, I decide to take off all my armour so that I am as quiet as possible. Regardless, the bear hears me so I wildly swing my maces, and somehow manage to embed one into the side of its face, killing it instantly.

Continuing on, I see a white light at the end of a cave. This is it. Salria is about to die. I enter the light.